OMNIARMOR® is a high-technology, transparent, bullet resistant security glass panel designed to protect public, residential and commercial buildings, and civilian and military armoured vehicles. It has been designed and developed to withstand high-energy ballistic impact and prolonged physical attacks, or a combination of the two. OMNIARMOR® combines the structural properties of polycarbonate with the resistance to deterioration provided by glass. Available in various shapes and sizes, OMNIARMOR® panels solve all security problems while fulfilling architectural and design requirements.

Compared to other armoured glass panels with the same ballistic resistance, OMNIARMOR® provides a weight reduction of at least 40%, which translates into significant savings in terms of design and installation, as well as in use and maintenance. This weight reduction involves a number of other benefits, including fewer problems with superstructures and application, and less wear on the opening parts. Thanks to the addition of elastic polycarbonate, the noise insulation achieved is much higher than with other panels. The result of extensive and ongoing research, the optical quality of OMNIARMOR® panels ensures perfect image transmission. OMNIARMOR® panels maintain their stability both under UV radiation and in case of sudden temperature changes.


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