The key technological advantages of the Isoclima Polycarbonate PCSECUR Sport Car glazings are;
1.Optical clarity, especially with complex canopy LMP / Le Mans screens
2.Dimensional control and fitment systems
3.Resistance to high impact
4.Coatings; enhanced driver comfort / scratch resistance
5.Heated glazings

The technology used in the manufacture of these lightweight polycarbonate sport car glazings derives from the Isoclima production of composite windshields for military aircraft. This has enabled the forming of complex shapes whilst retaining an excellant optical quality, crucial for high speed endurance racing.

The polycarbonate material itself, based on the manufacturing process (extrusion lines etc) is not optically suitable for all the customer requested applications based on shape, installation angle etc. To this end, Isoclima has devised a way of working, via various internal processes, the polycarbonate to enhance such optics.


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